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Ian Schumann is a native Austinite* with 7 years' experience in SaaS implementation and consulting. In the fall of 2017 Ian decided to switch to the engineering side, and quickly fell in love with the complexity, power, and challenge of software development. As of spring 2018 he is learning the full stack at Galvanize.

*Yes, we are real 🦄

What sets Ian apart?
  • Passion: Not all code school students fall in love with code ... but Ian is smitten.
  • Aptitude: Ian is rocketing through the Galvanize curriculum and reading widely on the side.
  • Empathy: Ian's background is in listening, training, communicating, and mentoring.
Work ( )
Significant achievements:

(this is getting updated all the time)

  • ReadMe: Mobile-first web app to make professional networking less bad. A collaboration exercise where I served as tech lead, scrum master, and architect. Full-stack app with JS, HTML, CSS, Express, EJS, Postgres, Knex, and bCrypt. Detailed debrief is here.
  • ChromaCon: a highly-interactive rendition of Conway's Game of Life (see Play button ^^). Desktop only. Tons of bells and whistles including playback controls, color interpolation, floating window UI, interactive pattern dropper, MVC architecture, etc.. Built in ~60 hours over 1 week in March 2018. A detailed debrief of the project is here.
  • This site: (in its current state) was built in about 10 hours on a Sunday in April.
  • Medium Blog: featuring, among other things, pretty thorough debriefs on my major projects.
  • Work history: can be found at LinkedIn. Don't miss the recommendations near the bottom, applicable to the most recent 2-3 years of work.
  • Github: ... is a pile of half-finished tutorials and code school exercises. But feel free to poke around.
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Pretty sure I'm not allowed to do any front-end dev unless I have a bunch of vector icons to help you find me elsewhere:

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